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Rainbow Gallery for over 30 years has been on the cutting edge of bringing new and innovative threads to the stitching community.

Rainbow Gallery Treasure braid –
A shiny metallic that comes in size 12 (for 13-18ct needlepoint and cross-stitch 10ct) and 16 9 neepdlepont 13-18ct and cross-stitch 7-14ct) braided so it doesn’t unravel as its worked. 60% rayon & 40% metalized polyester. Hand wash.

Rainbow Gallery Mandarin Floss –
18ct 4-ply
14ct 6-ply

14ct: 2-ply
32ct and up:1-ply

Made from 100% bamboo. 18.3m. Hand wash-test first.
Easy to use 6 stranded floss. Its semi matte finish gives contrast to high gloss threads. Strong and easy to use and doesn’t pill.

Rainbow Gallery Splendor
18ct 4-ply
14ct 2-ply

14ct 2-ply
18ct 1-ply
Made from 100% silk 7.3m. Hand wash- test first. A 12- ply silk composed of three 4-ply bundles twisted together. The twist of each individual strand is tighter than most silks making it easier to use.

Rainbow Gallery Wisper
22ct 1- ply
18ct 2-ply
14ct 3-ply

10-18ct 1-ply

70% kid Mohair, 30% Nylon 18.28m. Hand wash-test first. Very fine thread great for beards and fur. It can be brushed for a fuller effect. Great for blending. For more information visit the manufacturer’s website.

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