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The stock remaining on our website is the last of our Madeira stock. Madeira Stranded Silks will not be restocked. Stranded Silk is available in Gumnut Yarns “Stars”, Colour Streams “Silken Strands”, and Au Ver A Soie.

Madeira thread is securely packed in the unique and smart blister pack against dust and dirt. No tangling, no more knots and no waste as seen with traditional skeins. The pack is simple to use, snip to open at bottom and pull out as much thread as you need.

Silk – For the most beautiful results with lustre and durability. 100% pure silk available in 5m spiral packs. A brilliant 4 strand embroidery silk excellent for the most precious needlework including cross- stitch, needlepoint, quilting, smocking and wherever beautiful effects are required.

For best results embroideries should be washed using mild detergent containing no optical brighteners or bleach. Machine washing is possible up to 95.C. Hand wash if necessary in hot or very warm water only and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Do not wash in cold or tepid water. Dry flat. Make sure you always follow fabric manufacturer’s instructions.

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