Poppies is hand-dyed 50% silk, 50% wool, available in 120 softly shaded colours, same as Daisies, Tulips, Buds and Stars. There are 28 families of Poppies colours. Color numbering is similar to that for Blossoms.

This range combines the softness of wool with the strength and lustre of silk. The same base yarn as variegated OPALS is dyed to produce silk/wool POPPIES in 120 shades.

Silk/wool POPPIES match the 120 shades available in stranded silk STARS, perle silk BUDS, 1-ply fine wool DAISIES and natural mohair TULIPS. The same shades are also available in 2-ply crewel wool BLOSSOMS, making it easy to blend the six ranges.