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Appletons Crewel Wool skeins are 2-ply thread. Spun and dyed in Yorkshire, England using the Worsted system, it is one of the finest in Crewel wool quality. Ideal for Crewel embroidery, 14+ count canvas and even Persian rug repair. It is hard wearing and moth-proofed.

We offer over 400 colours in Appletons wool. Browse through the current stock to find the perfect colour for your project or use the search bar to find a specific shade. You can find the Appletons Colour Chart here.

Appletons wool is not colourfast and should not be washed. If necessary, gently sponge the area with cold water. Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Find Appletons Crewel Wool hanks here. Available by special order.

Appletons is also available in Tapestry wool, a 4-ply thread ideal for 10 – 12 count canvas, weaving and needlepoint.

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