Anchor Marlitt is 100% Viscose/ Rayon Thread in 10 meter skeins. It adds a brilliant lustre to your embroidery designs.

Anchor Stranded Cotton: 100% Cotton in 10 meter skeins with a great choice of colour shades. Wherever possible machine wash at hottest temperature the fabric will allow. Follow fabric manufacturers
recommendations. Alternatively hand wash in plenty of hot water. Avoid cold and lukewarm water which increases the risk of colour bleeding. Dry flat.

Anchor Tapestry Wool: 100% pure new wool in 10m skeins. Colour fast and can be worked without any danger of the colour running.

A piece of embroidery worked on fabric can be hand washed with pure soap flakes and warm water. Dry flat.

Canvas embroidery must always be dry cleaned or cleaned with an upholstery foam cleaner (not carpet cleaner) and never washed as water will soften the canvas.

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