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OttLite High Definition Natural Lighting™ makes it easier and more comfortable to perform all your favorite tasks. It’s a difference you’ll notice with more than just your eyes.
OttLite lighting is expertly engineered with 508 technology to bring the quality of High Definition Natural Lighting™ indoors, providing the ideal balance of brightness and contrast. The result is reduced glare, less eyestrain, and low heat.


Illuminate any area in your home, office or while on the go with this high-performance OttLite LED Task Lamp. Designed to be portable, this multipurpose, lightweight lamp comes with a convenient carrying handle. - See more at: Please contact us to arrange shipment as this is a large and bulky item.


Sleek and modern design meets compact portability and powerful illumination. The 13w OttLite Slimline Task Lamp is a great addition to your craft table, home office, study area and more! With its adjustable shade, the Slimline is designed to perfectly deliver OttLite Illumination. - See more at:


Great for illumination and color matching on the go, our LED Mini Flip Light is designed to clip on your bookbag, belt, purse, or carry in your pocket. - See more at:


Perfect for craft spaces, sewing tables, home workshops and more, the flexible neck helps to easily focus light exactly where its needed, making it easier to see your projects clearly. Two lamps in one — the included conversion kit comes with a sturdy adjustable rotating clamp to securely attach your lamp to almost any work surface and a weighted base for table-top use. Please contact us to arrange shipment as this is a large and bulky item.


The OttLite LED Book Light features 6 super bright LEDs to brighten your books and magazines. With a strong yet flexible neck, the LED Book Light holds position wherever you need light.


Enjoy the power of magnification and super bright OttLite LEDs right in your hand.


Fine details and small touches make your projects shine! See them all clearly with the new OttLite Tweezer with LED Magnifier. - See more at:


Super bright OttLite LEDs and magnification paired with a sharp, easy-to-use seam ripper. Great for sewing, quilting and embroidery.


Perfect for needlepoint, reading, jewelry making or any fine-detail activity where both hands are needed, the OttLite 4-inch Hands-Free LED Magnifier provides super bright OttLite LED illumination and powerful magnification.

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View fine details clearly and easily with the 5-Inch LED Magnifier with Clip and Stand. Easily position the illuminated optical-grade magnifier using the flexible arm to make seeing intricate projects virtually effortless. The sturdy clip attaches to most work surfaces, or switch to the weighted stand for table-top use.


The 18w EasyView Craft Lamp combines OttLite natural daylight illumination with an adjustable 3x optical grade magnifier arm making it the perfect tool set for seeing details. Please contact us to arrange shipment as this is a large and bulky item.