1. Through this internet site by credit card

The first time you click on the ‘Add’ button for any product, then the shopping cart will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

You can set up your order by clicking on the ‘Add’ button for a product or change your mind and remove an order by clicking on the ‘Remove’ button for that same product. Each button click adds or subtracts one copy of the item.

2. By Mail, Phone, Fax, Email

An alternative way to order is to use the site as above to identify what you want and how much that will be, then mail, email, fax or phone the order to us. If you use the site as if you were ordering over the internet, then go as if to pay, then it will list your complete order and the total. You can use that for your mail/fax/phone order, and cancel out at that point without paying! Simple as that.

NOTE: Do not send your credit card details by email with your order.

If you’re not sure?

We have put a lot of our products on the web site, but not all of them yet. If we haven’t listed the products you want yet, you’re not sure how you want to pay or if you are not sure what you want or need, send an email to Norma at The Embroidery Den and we will tell you if we have it, how long it will take to get it for you, whether we can get it for you and how you can pay for it.

1.Through our internet site

When you have finished your shopping cart and you want to send your order and payment to us, click on “Checkout”. That takes you to our secure part of the site which handles payment details and shipping details.

We accept Bankcard, Mastercard and Visa.

We will not process your credit card until your order is ready to go. Payment from your credit card is processed through another secure web site at eWay.

All the name, address and credit card information that you give us will be kept completely confidential. Once we have dispatched your order, then we do not keep your credit card details.

If you want to use a credit card, but don’t want to pay through our internet site, then please call us during our office hours and give us your details directly over the phone, or fax us your details including legible copies of both sides of your credit card. Alternatively, email us for special instructions on how to send your details via email – NOTE: Do not just send your details in one simple email.

2. Pay by other means

If you don’t have or don’t want to use a credit card, then we accept money orders, cheques as well as direct deposits or transfers into our company bank account. Phone (Australia: 03 9532 2142 or International: +61 3 9532 2142) or email (infoembroideryden@gmail.com) us for the details.

Prices, Currency & Tax

Prices listed on our website are in AUD and exclude GST. GST is calculated at checkout. International orders do not incur GST. Currency conversion will be done through your bank.

Shipping & Handling Prices

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on your location and the size & weight of your parcel. Handing costs are included in shipping. Standard postage starts from AUD8.00. While we try to accurately calculate shipping costs, some bulkier parcels may incur additional fees. We will always contact you before your parcel is shipped if your shipping costs are different from what is calculated.

Free Shipping

Free shipping within Australia for orders over AUD100.00 is now available. Tapestry stands are ineligible for free shipping due to their weight & size. Free shipping for international orders is not available. 

Please not that if stock is available your order will be dispatched within two weeks. If however, some stock is unavailable and on order, then this waiting period will be longer. We try to keep our stock up to date but at times this is not in our hands. We ask you to please be patient and we will get your order to you as soon as possible.

Your order will be printed out for you as you ordered through the shopping card and you verified before authorising payment. However hard we try, we will make the occasional mistake which we will regret, and be only too pleased to rectify.

If we have accidentally sent you the wrong item by mistake, eg, the wrong colour of a thread because we read the number wrongly, then contact us and we will rectify the problem without any cost to you. We will pay for any return postage and we will also send you the correct item again without any further charge.

Generally, we have a No Refund policy on your selection of goods. If you are unsure of a product, then contact us before you buy and we will provide any additional information we can before you order it.

Please check your order from the listing provided after you go to the CHECKOUT process. Once you have authorised that order and its payment, we assume that that order is what you want and we will dispatch it and bill you for it.

This policy does not affect your statutory rights to a refund if the product is defective in any way, however the product will need to be returned unused with its associated packing slip.

If a product supplied is defective, please contact us immediately and we will arrange a replacement, an alternative or a credit as you wish. Note that if the item is defective, we will refund your return postage.

The Embroidery Den has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the item numbers, retail prices and descriptive information for each of the products listed. We do, however, reserve the right to change or correct any published information. Our site is new and being extended regularly to cover the full range of items that we sell. If you can’t find what you want, send us an email to Norma at The Embroidery Den

Come in and Browse

Please browse our shop. If you notice any mistakes or oversights or you have any suggestions or recommendations to improve how the site would work for you, please email your comments to Norma at The Embroidery Den. We do listen to our patrons.